MSG or  Mono-sodium-glutamate

    Mono sodium glutamate , better known under the names of MSG , is very dangerous. It destroys brain cells and trigger many reactions specially in the brain.   It is responsible for brain tumors.
   It is incorporated into many foods under many different names .

To avoid absolutely .
    An excellent video from an excellent retired neuro-surgeon Dr. Blaylock
    Ingredients  that always contain MSG

> Glutamic Acid (E 620)2
> Glutamate (E 620)
> Monosodium Glutamate (E 621)
> Monopotassium Glutamate (E 622)
> Calcium Glutamate (E 623)
> Monoammonium Glutamate (E 624)
> Magnesium Glutamate (E 625)
> Natrium Glutamate
> Yeast Extract
> Anything “hydrolyzed”
> Any “hydrolyzed protein”
> Calcium Caseinate
> Sodium Caseinate
> Yeast Food
> Yeast Nutrient
> Autolyzed Yeast
> Gelatin
> Textured Protein
> Soy Protein Concentrate
> Soy Protein Isolate
> Whey Protein
> Whey Protein Concentrate
> Whey Protein Isolate
> Anything “…protein”
> Vetsin
> Ajinomoto
    Ingredients that sometimes contain MSG

> Carrageenan (E 407)
> Bouillon and broth
> Stock
> Any “flavors” or “flavoring”
> Maltodextrin
> Citric acid, Citrate (E 330)
> Anything “ultra-pasteurized”
> Barley malt
> Pectin (E 440)
> Protease
> Anything “enzyme modified”
> Anything containing “enzymes”
> Malt extract
> Soy sauce
> Soy sauce extract
> Anything “protein fortified”
> Anything “fermented”
> Seasonings

Aspartame is also a very dangerous ingredient in many drugs and foods. 
Some items sold in France containing some aspartame:

AUGMENTIN sirop 125 et 250                                                                                      
BISOLVON sachets granulés
BREXINE sachets granulés
BUCCALSONE comprimés
CLAMOXYL 500 et 1000 comprimés
CLAVUCID sirop 250
KLEAN-PREP sachets poudre
LYSOMUCIL 600 comprimés effervesc.
MOTILIUM granulé effervescent
NOOTROPIL 1200 et 2400 granulés
NOVABRITINE 500 et 1000 comprimés
NUARDIN 200 comprimés effervescents
PIXIDIN pastilles à sucer
QUESTRAN sachets
ROMILAR phytoliticum
TAGAMET 200 et 800 comprimés
TILCOTIL comprimés effervescents et poudre en sachets
ZANTAC comprimés effervescents et granulés effervescents
ADIVA  vitamines
CALCIUM 600, comprimés effervescents
CALCIUM SANDOZ sachets  poudre
D-VITAL CALCIUM poudre effervescente
JOSEFINE comprimés à sucer
SOPARYX sachets (diarrhée)
STEOCAR Calcium comprimer à macher
TOTEPHAN sachets

Canada Dry light
Delhaize citron light
GB citron light
Canfield Cherry cola light
Coca cola light
Coca cola sans caféine light
Fiesta cola light
Herschi cola light
Liko cola light
Match cola light
Pepsi cola light
River cola light
River cola sans caféine
St Laurent cola light
Lipton ice tea light
Canfield honee orange light
Delhaize orange light
GB orange light
Orangina light (nutrasweet)
Parasol orange light
Pufri orange slank
Delhaize nectar light fruits
Delhaize nectar fruits exotics
Delhaize nectar pomme
Goldhorn multi-vitaminen
Punica nectar
Natrena jus d’orange
Fanta light
Jumbo limonade
Sprite light
7 UP light
Canfield Uptown light
Captain Cool



Choco line au lait
Choco line au riz
Ringers chocolat: blanc, lait, pure
Céréal: chocolat vermicelle 150
Diarata: chocolat vermicelle
Ringers: chocolat vermicelle 150
Vermeiren tartinos granulés
Ovomaltine’s Ovations

Yaourt and cheese
Chambourcy light line
Chambourcy yoghurt aux fruits
Delhaize yaourt maigre vitaminé
Delhaize yaourt light
Danone Taillefine fromage blanc light
Mannequin yaourt light line
Mannequin fromage blanc light line

Sula bonbons sans sucre
Fischerman’s Friend sans sucre
Frisk haleine fraîche dragées
Pep’s Cola light bonbons
Ricola bonbons aux herbes
Smint sugarfree
Vichy pastilles
Benbits cool mint
Benbits fresh 4 ever
Chiclets sans sucre
Clark’s sans sucre
Clorets sans sucre
Frisk sans sucre
Hollywood light
Orbit sans sucre
Stimorol light
Stimorol peppermint
Stimorol sans sucre
Tricky 3D sans sucre peppermint
Trident sugarless chlorophyl (sans sucre)
Xylifresh 100 sugarfree
Vicky menthol

Weight produces
Instaslim repas minceur 
Instaslim édulcorant 
Minci-Drink poudre
Modifast Muesli fraises sachets 
Nutrition 400 
Slimfast sachets poudre