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March 31 2023



Parasites    Hydras in vaccines  
Graphene   Graphene particles in injection and blood
                   Electronic chips of graphene
Bluetooth signals in vaxx people
RNA of venons
RNA of cancer
Integration of messenger-RNA in human DN
Metals and lipid particles 
Lipid nano-particles  +  RNA  = virus ?
Artificial intelligence 
Shedding = contamination of non-vaxx by vaxx
Influences on blood = rouleaux
Fibrous clots in cadavers  
Internet links 

Antioxydants,  vitamines  and  supplements 
Prevention of contagion 
Spiritual approach

Waves and energy devices
Solutions to explore
Summary and conclusion  


   ''Special'' composition of ''vaccines'' 

In theory, anti-covid injections contain messenger RNA plus some toxic chemicals (aluminum, mercury, etc.) supposed to stimulate the immune system response.  But it is not very clear because the scientific researchers who analyze them and observe them under the microscope find elements which are not mentioned in the official description.  It should also be mentioned that by analyzing the side effects of vaccine batches, it had been noticed that the companies are changing the content according to time and places. Since there is no independent verification, it is very easy to do and it allows real-time experiments on billions of humans.

So the apparent contradictions between the findings of different teams of researchers can be attributed to differences in composition.

Let's see what researchers have found.

  Hydras in injections covid19

Doctor Carrie Madej in the USA had the curiosity to put the contents of the injections under a microscope.  She was surprised to see microscopic Hydras alive and well in the liquid of multiple vials of covid “vaccines”.  Of course she photographed and filmed them for everyone to enjoy.
By a strange coincidence, she miraculously escaped a plane crash a few months latter.  Did she discover a "secret" that was not supposed to be known by the public?,-nanobots,-and-graphene-f:2

Among others, the French agora TV team has also found these Hydras in vaccines:

Hydras are tiny animals that have been studied for a long time because of their unique properties. First of all, they constantly regenerate, regrow their missing tentacles and are therefore considered immortal.  There was some in the film ''Avatar''.

Plus they are used for transfection, i.e. gene transfer into more complex organisms.

Interviewed by Stew Peters, dr. Ariyana Love, who worked with Darpa, explains that hydras are used to make GMOs.  In this case, they carry AIDS proteins, sars, and venoms from several species, etc.  She says these "vaccines" are one of the most dangerous biological weapons ever invented.

She adds that hydras can be used to control an organism from the outside and even change its genes through the internet.   They multiply rapidly in the presence of graphene.

  Trypanosomes in vaccines

Several researchers around the world have also found this parasites, the Trypanosomes  when in theory, there should be no living organisms in the vials.  We learn from the scientific literature that this parasite must be kept at -70 C for it to remain alive and sleeping.  Curious coincidence, this is precisely the temperature required for some covid vaccines, at least at the beginning.

Chagas disease is caused by these parasites.  There is currently a resurgence of this disease.  

   Graphene and graphene oxyd in injections covid19


In all the bottles of all the companies, the researchers discovered under their microscopes strange ribbons, tubes, crystals, geometric shapes, etc.  Using modern scientific means they have shown that most are graphene compounds that no company has ever talked about.  One of the first group of researchers to make it public is the Quinta columna in Spain.

A German graphene specialist and entrepreneur dr-Andreas-Noack made a video explaining that he had worked to make graphene soluble in water, i.e to make graphene-hydroxide. He said that the tiny sheets of these nanoparticles, one or two atoms thick, when they are in the blood act like razor blades mechanically lacerating the walls of the vessels.  People who have a very fast blood flow are therefore at risk of heart attack.  And what do we see now?  Many athletes, reporters and artists are dying for no reason in full effort or on stage.  He also said that the injected graphene particles cannot be biologically degraded and are in the body forever.

The same night he made this video, Dr. Noack died mysteriously, probably from an energy attack.  His message and his knowledge were probably very important.  He was right on the target.

One of the effects of graphene in the blood is the formation of  rolls also called "rouleaux" , that is to say that the red blood cells stick to each other, greatly reducing their mobility and their ability to transport oxygen. The blood becomes very thick.  The person has trouble breathing, is very tired and confused.  The blood oxygen level diminishes.  The person is hospitalized.  He is then administered the only drug authorized in the USA, Remdesivir, which further reduced his respiratory capacity.  And voila.  Gone.

By analyzing the different vaccines from previous years, people found that several already had graphene.  It is possible, according to Quinta columna, that the first cases of covid were in fact poisoning by flu vaccines and 5G waves. 

Graphene is made of mono-layer carbon that has extraordinary characteristics.  It is studied by many scientists. In this scientific research on the influence of graphene on the brain of rats, we can see that it is very destructive. 

In fact, neuromotor and cognitive problems are among the most common side effects of covid injections.

Also, many people testify and demonstrate that graphene particles are present in the fallout of chemtrails, in many commercial foods, in ointments, in meat, etc.  It is as if ''somebody'' wanted our body to absorb this element by any means.  Why?

MRI: I read that you have to be careful with magnetic resonance when you have received vaccines, because graphene particles could be magnetic.  Even if they are made of carbon, they behave like a magnetic metal and can cause problems, especially in the brain . 

At this address you will find a compilation of scientific studies on the toxicity of graphene.  One of them shows that caffeine and graphene combine their deleterious effects.

Graphene is well-known to be toxic to humans.  So why do all the vaccine companies put it in their concoctions?  What extraordinary interest is there in graphene to push these companies to take so many risks?

   Geometric shapes, chips and graphene antennae in anti-covid injections

In addition to the characteristic ribbon or tube shapes of graphene, researchers began to find some very intriguing geometric shapes that were anything but natural and strongly resembled electronic elements.

The following video in English gives excellent explanations.

One of my favorite videos is from an electronics engineer Mat Taylor being interviewed by Stew Peter.  He shows that geometric shapes only form in the presence of electromagnetic waves. In other words, there is a relationship between the injected graphene and the surrounding waves. The doctor. Nixon showed it too.
  In this short video we see “stuff” developing under the microscope. 

In this other video an Israeli engineer describes what he sees under the microscope and talks about genocide. 

On the following site, we can see several very good videos of micro-structures forming in the liquid of the injections or in the blood of the vaccinated and ...  non-vaccinated...  (contamination or shedding)  

For interviews with researchers in English who explain their findings and explanations:  

The doctor. Pierre Gilbert described in French in 1995 what is happening now (1 min) 

In conclusion, it can be said that the so-called "vaccines" introduce graphene nanoparticles into the body, which organize themselves into complex electronic networks with routers and antennas. Some even speak of artificial intelligence linked to injections.  A true marvel of technology...


   Why chips?  Bluetooth and GPS connections of vaccinees


 Many people around the world have noticed that their body had become magnetic as a result of the injections. You could think of a hoax but you just have to do a little research on the internet to find many videos showing this magnetism and realize that it is very real. Why? We do not know.

You can also find videos showing that meat in stores can also be magnetic. Have the animals been vaccinated?  Or fed graphene?
To be continued.

codes bluetooth
                    dans les «vaccins»
And another surprise!  More and more vaccinees seem to emit a Bluetooth code...  I went myself to check in public places and indeed I noticed the presence of many codes which were not associated with any name of electronic devices.  You can check by yourself, but not with new devices because their new programs no longer "see" these codes.

For many years it has been said that the rich controllers of the world wanted to implant a microchip in every human. Thanks to a fake pandemic, they seem to have succeeded. There is just one small catch: the bodies of people who survive the injections tend to gradually eliminate graphene. The controllers must therefore inject new busters, new vaccines, put graphene in food, in chemtrails, etc.  Is this why we now find nanoparticles in many consumer goods: ointments, culinary preparations, beer, etc.? ?

We know that the program of the World Economic Forum wants to connect all humans to the Internet to better monitor them and transform them into terminals, in other words into cyborgs as in Startrek.  They talk about the internet of things and internet of bodies. 
I doubt this is to the advantage of these new "connected" humans....

This bluetooth signal could also be used for personal ID for crypto-currency.  Bill Gates already has a patent about it.


On LCI on Sunday December 27, 2020, WHO doctor Professor Jean François Saluzzo confessed that there are also GPS trackers in Covid vaccines which, he said, have already benefited from 25 years of research. But, yet we were told that they had been prepared urgently in a few months. Have we been lied to?$/embed/@LERIFAINLANOUVELLEDUFRONT:0/jean-fran-ois-saluzzo-expert-de:4?r=GbgV39EYvqgAZ7vruywVTU4gV1hg4yPG 


Dr. Northrup tell us that the vaccines could be used for crypto-currency connection.  A 2 min video. 


   Venom RNA in Covid patients

After having called "conspirators" all those who said that covid virus had been tinkered with in the laboratory , it is now accepted that this virus is the fruit of years of research and improvements, in the USA, in Canada, in France, in Ukraine (30 US research labs), and in China.  There are also several patents filed by different laboratories.  By analyzing the genome of the virus decoded by the Chinese, the first researchers had found genetic codes for AIDS, malaria and the venoms of two snakes.
   Watch the

 Some Italian researchers wanted to find out for sure: they analyzed the blood, urine and stool of covid patients.  They found traces of venom from 36 animals, including 20 snakes and 16 marine animals. The control group had nothing.

So we have here a super biological weapon directed against the population.

In the following videos Dr. Ardis explains in detail the presence of venoms in the body of covid patients and vaccinated people and the modus operandi.   It is a very good documentary.

   AIDS RNA in Covid patients

Dr. Montagnier, French Nobel price for discovering the AIDS virus was telling that with other scientists, they found the codes for that virus in the genome of the covid virus.   He was telling people that it was a good idea to be tested for AIDS after receiving the shots.  He died few months ago.  He was old.


Since then, we see the side effects every day: the body of vaccinees loses 25% of their immune system with each shot and we see an explosion of various diseases: paralysis, heart attacks, miscarriages, cancers, deaths, etc. 

Excess mortality since vaccination varies between 10% and 40% depending on the country.

Excess mortality since vaccination varies between 10% and 40% depending on the country.

  RNA  of cancer in covid  injections

    On testimonial sites about the side effects of the experimental injections, I often notice many mentions of very aggressive cancers.   Doctors also say that they have never seen so many "turbo" cancers.   In the following video, Dr. Daniel Nagase from British Columbia, Canada, explains that in order for RNA to integrate with DNA, it needs an enzyme called reverse transcriptase.  This enzyme is present in the injections.  On the other hand, he cites a study done by a pathologist on 4 patients who died the days following their injections.  This researcher looked for all the active RNAs in the blood of these people.  He found three very specific ones:

        - An RNA that disables the production of anti-cancer proteins.  In other words, the body no longer fights cancer.
        - An RNA that activates the production of blood vessels, which promotes rapid cell growth.
        - An RNA that activates the production of cells in a low-oxygen environment.

    The doctor says that the probability of all three of these cancer growth-promoting RNAs being activated at the same time is about 1/1 billion.  In other words, some injections are intentionally carcinogenic.

   Integration of messenger-RNA in human DNA

                  magasine 1999Pharmaceutical companies claim that messenger RNA from injections cannot integrate into the recipient's DNA, but it has long been proven that an enzyme, the reverse transcriptase, can do it.  Hydras can also do this.  Scientists have since proven that this messenger-RNA is presently incorporated into DNA.  In other words, it is as if the DNA of many vaccinees is now programmed with the RNA of the AIDS virus and the RNA of dangerous venoms. If that's true, what do you think will happen in the more or less long term?

The image on the right shows the cover of Time magazine from January 1999.  We were warned...

Some even go so far as to say that vaccinated humans are now GMOs and therefore the property of vaccine companies.  In my opinion, even if this is true in theory, it would be difficult to enforce legally because the modifications were made without the knowledge and consent of the recipients.  Plus, with pending lawsuits and future payouts, drug companies are likely to go bankrupt much sooner.

The problem arises for future children of vaccinees. What will happen with those who survive?

   Metals and globules in Injections

Japan returned millions of vaccine doses from Moderna because their scientists found metalic particles in the vials. Their Prime minister responsible at the time has been assassinated a few months ago.

Researchers have looked into this and actually found all kinds of metals that were never reported by the companies.


and an official site on vaccines in general listing the poisons

Researchers have also found different globules that organize themselves very regularly together as in this attached microscope photo. What is that ???????

   Artificial intelligence in lipid nanoparticles 

We learn something every day: I just listened to an interview with Karen Kingston, a person who has worked for pharmaceutical companies for a long time in patents and legal matters.  She explains that she has all the evidence, all the patents which show that the "vaccine" is in fact a very sophisticated biological weapon equipped with an artificial intelligence... The final goal would be to use humans to incubate a new species.  We are in the middle of science fiction.  But if she's right we are in deep trouble.

The good news is that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine destroy this "intelligent" parasite.  Likewise, certain waves can also destroy it.  We just have to find which ones. 

The original article of Karen Kingston

Karen and Mike Adams translated into good French :

In the following video in English, Karen Kingston shows some video microscope observation of vaccines where you can see tiny shiny particles that attach to larger ones, pulling and guiding them in a specific direction, much like tugs.  She calls them “quantum dots”.  She then shows patents on these “quantum dots” describing them as 6 nm in size, being able to lodge in the graphene tubes and easily passing the brain barrier, giving them full access to the brain. The patents briefly mention that they are aware and evolving!! In other words, they are part of an artificial intelligence.

     I remind you that when we speak of "quantum" we are referring to another non-physical dimension with instantaneous communication between points. These quantum dots would be part of the hydrogel mentioned above.

We could imagine if we were conspirationists ;-)) that the different vaccines and busters are different and complementary parts of a complete program, just as it was necessary 30 years ago to enter the different Windows diskettes to make it work. This would explain why we cannot start the vaccination with a buster but must take the previous injections first even if everyone has recognized that they were ineffective and outdated.

This would also explain why the shots fanatics say that the double vaccinated are non-vaxx: their program is not complete and there will be bugs like in all the programs of the famous Bill. They may become flawed cyborgs who think, ask questions and refuse to obey.  AIE Aie Aie. A hard time.

   Lipid nanoparticles  +  ARN  =  VIRUS  ???

Lipid particles or hydrogels are artificial membranes to protect messenger-RNA to allow it to enter cells and do its job.

Something was bothering me: So I checked the definition of a virus: “RNA or DNA surrounded by a membrane that enters cells to hack them. »

Maybe my mind is too simple and doesn't see the subtle differences but the two look very very similar to me.  I would even go so far as to say that hiding behind new terms, the designers of the vaccines actually manufactured, programmed and injected synthetic viruses containing some artificial intelligence.

 We could even imagine if we were conspirationists ;-)) that the different vaccines and busters are complementary parts of the complete program, just as it was necessary 30 years ago to enter the different diskettes of Windows 91 to make it work.  That means that the different shots introduce different synthetic virus with complementary purposes.

This would explain why we cannot start the vaccination with a buster but must take the rest of the first injections in the right order even if everyone knows now that they are ineffective, outdated and dangerous.

This would also explain why the syringe fanatics say that the double vaccinated are non-vaxx: their program is not complete and there will be bugs like in all the programs of the famous Bill.  They may become flawed cyborgs who think, ask questions and refuse to obey.  Aïe  Aïe Aïe.

     Shedding = contamination of non-vaxx by vaccinated people

Shedding is the spreading around vaccinated people of "something" that generates the same symptoms, the same illnesses in non-vaxx as in vaccinated people.  It really looks like a virus infection.  It is known that for years mad scientists have been working on vaccination with viruses... If it is true, it means that everyone is slowly becoming infected and that it will be difficult to keep a "normal", "natural", ''pure'' blood.  A doctor explains the process in English.

Contamination mainly occurs with skin-to-skin contact.  The more intimate the contacts, the more side effects are seen in non-vaxxs.  But even the simple fact of sharing a space with vaccinated people, of breathing the same air has a real influence.  A doctor said that it could also be at the EMF energy of the person because each person who now has graphene in his organism is a receiver and a transmitter of EMF.

A video in English by dr. Christiane Northrup an authority in the USA

 A well documented article in French on the topic.

Many people like me react to the proximity of vaccinees.  Personally, I feel uncomfortable, I have more and more trouble breathing, my ears are clogged and my tension increases.  My concentration drops.  The first time I had this kind of strange reaction was during a dental cleaning.  I almost fainted. I did not understand why.  Now I think the hygienist had just been injected and since she was very close to me she generously shared her poisoning. 

In my experience and from what I have read and heard, the influence on the unvaccinated varies a lot.  Each situation is unique.  But we can say that generally the more time passes, the less people are contagious until the next injection.  Personally, I doubt that I will ever be able to fly again.  I have no problem going shopping in a large space or going for dental work but sharing a small space with hundreds of people for hours on end would be problematic for me.  But hey, I've already traveled quite a bit.

I've read several testimonials of pets getting sick and often dying shortly after their owner's vaccination. Which proves that it's not just in our head.

I have been a dowser for twenty years. With my dowsing rod, I can, among other things, measure the auras from a distance.  I saw many times that the aura of a recently vaccinated person and his/her entourage would move up and to their left, toward emotions.  This is consistent with the symptoms and mood/personality changes of those injected and the contagion observed.

A telegram site in French about non-vaxx reactions to shedding

In English

Example: A short video by a non-vaxx weightlifter talking about his contamination and his symptoms. He has since died.

Remark: In Canada 93 vaccinated doctors, often young, died this year 2022. In my opinion, they were victims of contamination by their patients in addition to the influence of their own vaccines and immediate surroundings.  It's possible that those who lost their jobs because they weren't vaxx had their lives saved because of these discriminatory policies.


   Observation of live blood of vaccinees: the « rouleaux»   

Looking at live blood under a dark field microscope makes it easy to see different problems in the blood.  I experienced it myself. It's very interesting, very simple.  My blood was « by the book» perfect.  This should be part of routine checkups by doctors.  Those who observe the blood of vaccinated people (and also people subjected to electromagnetic waves) often see stacks of red blood cells in rolls called «rouleaux».  One can imagine that this reduces the capacity of the cells to transport oxygen and evacuate CO2, resulting in a deficit of oxygenation and more fatigue.  It's very likely that these rouleaux will cause mini clots in capilaries like it is often seen in vaxxed.

The blood becomes thicker, darker.  I heard from several sources that the vaccinated could no longer donate their blood because it caused the recipient's blood to clot...

It should be noted that 5G, smart meters, all powerful electromagnetic waves also cause this agglomeration of red blood cells.

Example: A french scientist observes the blood of those around her under a microscope: the blood of the non-vaxxed is also piled up in rolls. Is it due to 5G and/or shedding (contamination)?   To be continued... 

In French, a scientist explains the studies showing that ivermectine separate the red blood cells returning them to normal in few hours.

Mike Adams chats in English with dr. Anna on what she observes in the blood of her patients.

I started looking at my blood and other non-vaxxs blood under a microscope recently and was surprised to see the same strange formations as in vaccinated blood. In particular I found in the blood of different non-vaccinated people large amounts of graphene debris and graphene tubes.

It seems from Dr. Philippe van Welbergen observing blood under the microscope for 20 years, that overnight, virtually all his vaxx and non-vaxx patients showed the same abnormalities. In other words, in addition to direct contamination, there are probably other ways to infect us. Chemtrails? 5G? Food? ?
The non-vaxx must therefore seriously consider that they too have been contaminated and that they absolutely must act to regain their health. Are there still ''thoroughbreds''?

A series of photos by Dr. Philippe van Welbergen UK very similar to what I myself observed under the microscope. It's in English but the photos speak for themselves.

Soil and precipitation analyzes in the USA not only show very high levels of aluminium, barium and strontium but now graphene in addition... Which means that we are breathing this graphene from chemtrails, these illegal sprayings.  We absorb it in our food, clothes, etc. This is probably one of the major causes of disturbances in our blood. It is essential to clean our blood of this graphene because by eliminating it, not only do we protect our blood and our health, but we remove a cornerstone of transhumanism.

I have been trying different supplements and methods for three months.   Presently my Rife machine named Spooly2 is the best to remove graphen.

   Observation of fibrous clots in the  blood of cadavers

Died suddenlyEmbalmers now find in 80% of corpses some kind of strange large clots that end up completely blocking the vaxx's veins and arteries.

They've never seen that. Curious coincidence, these clots appeared at the same time as the anti-covid vaccination.

Must-See: The Latest Vaccine Documentary  Died suddenly

12 millions people watched it in two weeks.   en anglais   sous-titré en français 


All of this leads us naturally to transhumanism, the integration of humans and technology, the dream of the globalists.  In other words, it's the transformation of humans into robots, into cyborgs.  It is very likely that we are the victims of an attempt to transform humanity on a large scale.

In this next video in French, Mike Adams welcomes Karen Kingston to talk about this subject. She says among other things that vaccines are programmed so that in 30 minutes some artificial intelligence reaches the brain.  This would explain the rapid changes in mood and personality of the vaccinated.

Dr. Madej explains very well the connection of vaccine and transhumanism     30 min

To be continued...

  links to internet videos and pages

An excellent page with many many links

A well informed slideshow from   dr. Christiane Northrup – What’s in the Vaccines

A couragous Canadian doctor with many good videos. Dr Trozzi Mark

Ingredients in covid vaccines 

Many well informed videos from dr. Anna Mihalcea

Dr Northrup well known in USA

A well informed slideshow from   dr. Christiane Northrup – What’s in the Vaccines

An Australian doctor with many videos of live blood and strange shapes  

Pictures of live blood by  Dr. Philippe van Welbergen similar with my own observations 

A similar page as this one in English. 

An interview with  Katherine Watt explaining with proofs that DoD, Department of Defence, is directly involved in creating, promoting and distributing the bio-weapon called covid «vaccines».

   Solutions: vitamins, antioxidants, supplements, medication

  Vitamins and supplements:

Antioxidants in general are effective against graphene and to improve the system in general.  Most vitamins are antioxidants.  Governments prevent doctors from using drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat covid and side effects because they are too effective drugs that would challenge the vaccines story.  They are excellent in prevention and cure.  Hundreds of studies have shown their effectiveness. If anyone can get some, that's one of the best solutions.

All the Africans countries that use them daily against water worms had no problem with covid.

Of the effective over-the-counter supplements, NAC, vitamin D and Nattokinase are top on my list.  But several others have complementary effects.  I take it regularly and I feel great.  I must add that I have been a vegetarian for 50 years. It helps.

  I recently saw the positive effect of the supplements on a friend who was not feeling well and had trouble walking. Now she walks!!

In general, take the supplements in the morning on an empty stomach because they are better absorbed.  But if you take CDS or MMS, take them in the evening after cds or mms.

NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) = an excellent antioxidant that encourages the body to produce glutathion, a natural antioxidant. Do not take this one on an empty stomach.

According to the experiments of Quinta columna, NAC associated with Zinc destroys graphene and removes magnetism.

Vitamine D = antiviral, anticancer, anti-covid, ++++ in the form of capsules preferably. 10,000 IU minimum per day all year round.

Zinc = prevents viruses from entering the cells and messenger-RNA from replicating.  With NAC, removes graphen.  Dr Zelenko was the first talking about zinc.  He saved many lives and died ...

CDS = Chlorine dioxide (similar to MMS) = very promising product, cheap, which destroys bacteria, viruses, parasites, RNA-messenger, spike protein, etc. and which can be produced at home.  A small 1.6 meg e-book in English giving explanations. One of the doctors there tells that the health of his vaccinated patients improves a lot with this substance. He also says that people who take it before vaccination have no side effects!!!   5,000 doctors in 25 countries are currently using it.
CDS acts by oxidation.  It should therefore not be taken with antioxidants. It is then advisable to take it during the day and to take the other supplements in the evening.       protocol of detoxification of spike protein

Natto and nattokinase = natto is a Japanese fermented food that has an enzyme destroying the spike protein.

Quercetine  = antioxydant which helps zinc enter the cells.  Take in capsules.

Omega 3 = important lack among vegetarians. Essential for the brain.

Vitamine C =in lyposomique ou ascorbate  form seems to be better than ascorbic acid.

Glutathion = Very important antioxidant that destroys graphene. The injections cause the body's natural production of glutathion to drop.


Magnesium  = Bisglycinate is very well absorbed and easy to drink.  Magnesium chloride has also a good reputation.


Melatonine = to protect brain cells. To be taken in the evening.


Vitamine K = improve absorption of vitamin D

Sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate 
The optimum pH of blood is 7.4. When the pH of our urine is less than 7.2 it is good to take a few grams of bicarbonate in water to alkalize our blood. The optimum pH of blood and lymph is essential for good ionic exchanges. The doctor. Robert Young explains it very well.
Some brands contain very toxic aluminum.   Just read the ingredients.

Vinpocetine =  Supplement that facilitates the circulation of blood in the small vessels of the brain.

Pine needle herbal teas = origin of suramin.  Free.  Always available.  Easy.  Do not use too much.


Aloe vera

has been used with great success in Madagascar.   You can also grow this plant at home.  The president who treated his population in this way escaped an assassination recently.


Chardon Marie 



The doctor. Ardis, who has researched venoms in injections in depth, talks about two substances that can greatly reduce the symptoms of side effects because they are anti-venoms:

Nicotine in the form of over-the-counter gum (nicorette).  That would explain why few smokers had covid infections.  I tried taking 2X 1/4 pill of Nicorette chwimgum and found under my microscope pieces of graphene in my lung mucus.  Do not take on empty stomach ...

Mucuna Pruriens as a liquid extract

Colloïdal silver =an excellent antiseptic and antibiotic that you can easily produce yourself by electrolysis of water with silver electrodes. Suitable small devices can be found on the internet. I personally got rid of Lyme disease with colloïdal silver water.  

  very safe substance to remove heavy metals from the body as well as graphene and elastic clots.

An interview where the multiple successes of this substance are described in particular against cancer.

Zeolite has a reputation for removing metals and graphene from the body.  It seems to be much more efficient in liquid forme.

Montmorillon clay absorbed in small quantities would help get rid of graphene.

 Essential oils, according to dr. Jean-pierre Willem, are effective in protecting against contagion (shedding)

     Eucalyptus Radiata oil protects the respiratory tract.  Breathe the bottle 2min a few times a day.

     Eucalyptus Globulus oil protects the lungs.   Same.

     Ravensara oil is an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

     Romarin with cineole  is good for memory.


    Ammonium Carbonicum is effective. Two other homeopathic compounds are also effective: Bryonia and Eupatorium.  In French:

    Personally, at the first symptoms of flu or coronavirus, I take Oscillococcinum.  Just let a few granules melt under the tongue and repeat a few times.

Oxygen = Pr Raoult said they had used high doses of oxygen for elderly patients who could not be intubated, and who had little chances to survive. Five of them were saved.  It is a simple technique where small tubes send oxygen into the nose.

DMG = di-methyl-glycine is an amino acid that blocks mRNA replication according to dr. Judy Mikovits.  It also acts favorably on the neuro-transmitters in the brain.

Borax = one teaspoon in a liter of water.  Take 10ml a day.

The supplements of dr. Lee Merritt former US Army doctor

9 supplements that everybody should take from dr Lee Merritt :  explications en anglais

Video of the Quinta columna dubbed in French on supplements.

  an excellent pdf about detoxification  :

with links to an excellent guide of detoxification to download

Another very good site describing supplements in details :


Ivermectine  =   ++++  Probably the most effective and secure drug against covid and vaccine injuries.  It separates the red blood cells.

Hydroxychloroquine = +++  the second most effective and secure drug

Suramine = antiviral, anti-parasite particularly against trypanosomes; excellent against autism

  Prevention of shedding / contagion   

Contagion appears to occur primarily through skin-to-skin contact and through breathing. It is therefore advisable for non-vaxx to

- limit bodily contact

- limit the time spent in an enclosed space with vaccinated persons.

- take supplements. Ivermectin also has a preventive effect.

- wash your hands and avoid masks, which are more dangerous than useful.
- use a Lota, a small yogi container used to wash the inside of the nasal cavity with salt water, which helps to prevent many colds and sinusitis. With the addition of a little antiseptics such as colloidal silver or a drop of iodine, this makes it possible to sterilize the inside of the nose (and incidentally to reduce the risk of testing positive for PCR tests). I noticed that this daily practice also eliminated my eye irritations. It makes sense because the nose, ears, eyes and throat are connected.

- gargle from time to time.


  Spiritual approach

Remembering Divine Energy with love to stay connected.

Imagine a bubble of golden light all around the heart. Fill it with divine energy, love, courage, lightness, power, etc.

Aura = using one's imagination to recenter the aura which tends to be shifted to the left and upwards of vaxxed and shedded people.

Meditation = to strengthen the soul and body through thought, yoga and imagination.  We can also help sick people with our thought by applying the same methods to them from a distance.

Fears, worries, emotions = replace them with their antidotes: trust, gratitude, faith, courage, information, good humor, projects, etc.

Implants and entities = by imagination clearing the aura, chakras, around the aura and cutting attachments.

Visualization = using the imagination to destroy the spike protein and venoms in the body and turn off the genes that produce these proteins.

Artificial intelligence removal = I am a dowser and by scanning the aura of different people, I realized that I could know if such and such a person actually had an active artificial intelligence in his system. I had one myself. I perceived it as a plasma form inside the whole body, as a double of the body.

So I applied to it the very simple method that I use to remove an entity in someone's aura or myself: with my imaginary hand I grabbed that shape and pulled it outward.  It seemed stuck in several places.  So it was necessary to mentally cut off these attachments. And There you go. Gone.
Another visualization is a vacuum cleaner that swallows that plasma form that automatically vanishes.

You can try for yourself. Maybe it's just imagination. Maybe not...

I find this artificial intelligence present in most vaccinees and much less in non-vaxxs.

I checked later and found in first observation that this AI generally comes back in vaccinated people,  not so much in non-vaxxs.

Is it because non-vaxxs have less graphene supporting technology?  Or do not have the adequate "programs"?

How does it come back?  By wifi?  By computers and telephones?  By touch?

Still, it must be assumed that this plasma can return. So you have to start over from time to time.

To be continued...

Coue method

I remind you the famous Coué method:

Repeat 20 times quickly, without thinking about it, if possible out loud the sentence:

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better!

Your subconscious and your body will organize themselves to make this happen.


I have been a vegetarian (not vegan) for about 50 years and I hardly eat any North American wheat or dairy anymore. I don't take any medication. In 5 years, I had a few hours of fever, nothing more. I'm fit and non-vaxx. I have a diet that suits me and that I recommend.

- Eat as little meat as possible, especially since these days meat is sometimes magnetic, so it probably also received graphene.

- Wheat has been discreetly genetically modified.  Consequently, even if it is organic, it creates strong reactions in the body generating a lot of toxins, therefore a lot of pain.

- Dairy products have some growth hormones that stimulate cancer.  It has the same level of toxemia as meat.  A study of millions of Chinese with cancer had shown that dairy products were the first carcinogenic factor.

So favor vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, organic as much as possible.

Be aware that many processed foods now have nano-particules.  Just for fun, i did a little research for beer.  A well known company was telling that they add  them to improve the seal.........  

 Waves and microwaves

Wave generators with great potential

Hulda Clarke's Zapper = small device generating a very small high frequency current that destroys most parasites. I have been using it for 20 years.

Rife machine = generator of specific waves to destroy parasites, detoxify, strengthen the body, the immune system, etc. I just got one and I'm very happy with it. Very great potential.
In fact, after two months using it,  I think it is the most effective way to remove graphen from the blood.  I can verify that with my microscope. 

Wave generators to avoid =

Do not use a cell phone (or bluetooth) near your brain and do not keep it open near your body;

Do not park or sleep near smart meters, open telephones or wifis.

Avoid using wifi, especially 5G wifi. Unplug them as soon as you are done. I tested a 'smart' 5G wifi that wasn't even supposed to emit and found it emitted intense radio pulses every 3-5 seconds, much like smart meters.  While other wifis barely moved the needle on my meter, the 5G wifi sent it all the way up. Several researchers say that most of the first Chinese covid patients were in fact victims of the thousands of 5G antennas that had just been activated in Wuhan.

Do not expose yourself to strong magnetic or electric waves or microwaves.

Stay away from transmitters of all kinds, especially 5G. Curiously, looking at a map of telephone antennas for the city of Gatineau, I found several antennas directly on the hospitals.  An excellent recipe for discreetly finishing off the sick.  Installing 5G is criminal.

Microwaves, magnetic and electric fields in general weaken our immune system. Graphene in blood is directly influenced by waves.
A simple sheet of aluminum partially protects against certain waves.

  Methods to explore 

Ph and bicarbonate :
One thing that dr. Noack said seems important to me: for graphene particles to be able to move easily in suspension in a liquid, they must be negatively charged, in other words be acidic, with a pH lower than 7. Our blood is little alkaline at Ph 7.4.  The rest of the body may be acidic.  It is possible that people with a poor diet who have acidic body are therefore more at risk? It should be mentioned that very few diseases develop in an alkaline body and even cancer could be treated like this as said and practiced by dr. Simoncini.

Intermittent fasting

 Heat therapy - sauna

 Suction cups for local action

 Waves and frequencies: one of the most promising methods with, for example, Rife's machine or Hulda Clarke's Zapper.

Magnetic pulser = a small device creating magnetic pulses destroying micro-organisms but also electrical circuits. Could probably destroy nano-routers and nano-stuff in the body.



 Grounding = Reconnect physically to the ground as often as possible, for example by installing a metal plate under your feet connected to the ground. This eliminates some of the radiation. An excellent documentary in English.


Devices and crystals = There are devices on the market that help the body stay in balance despite attacks. Likewise certain crystals such as shungite or organite.

Baths with Epson salts, soda bicarbonate, borax and zeolite.

Dowsing and muscle testing
to test the usefulness of supplements for our body.

Avoid all vaccines

Now companies want to vaccinate only with messenger RNA without going through the testing phases. The Moderna executive explained a few months ago that it allow them to have direct access to the programming of the human body. In other words, he admitted that vaccines made it possible to change the genome. Given the current consequences, continuing to vaccinate is criminal.

Avoid Remdesivir, hospital, TV, intubation, close contact with vaccinees, doomsday movies and announcements, negative thoughts and emotions, junk food, etc.

Promote news from the internet, humor, love, laughter, nature, exercise, life, etc.

Finally, a short one-minute video on the wisdom of dogs versus humans.

   Summary and conclusion 

Everything I write is just my personal opinion and not some medical advice. Everyone has to do their own research and choices.

     I have no financial interest with the companies that i mention.

Bearing in mind that this large-scale experimentation is not homogeneous and that vaccine batches may contain different elements depending on time and place, the injections can be said to introduce dangerous parasites:


         - animals such as Hydras and Trypanosomes

         - bio-electronics organizing graphene into routers and antennas i.e. into microchips

     Very likely

         - virus which would introduce the codes for

         - an artificial intelligence managing everything.

     Why ???

     Looking at the contents of vaccines and the consequences on vaccinees, I like to classify the objectives of leading psychopaths into five categories:




A documentary in English summarizes the current situation  (32 min)

     Even if you got vaccinated, all is not lost. But you definitely need to take supplements, good food, alkaline water, fresh air, precautions, and use your creative imagination.  These are the basic elements, the bricks, the ammunition, which allow the body to win against the invaders.

    Remember that many very powerful and benevolent beings are watching very closely what is going on and preparing a much better future. 

     My best wishes are with you












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