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The fascinating and dangerous world of micro-waves

    Meditation cultivates good energies, good waves, wishing the best things for humanity.   But, if we leave aside the spiritual waves, in our daily physical reality, we are immersed in an ocean of waves that are far from being beneficial.  As they are discrete, intangible, it is difficult to quantify and measure them.  How many waves of TV channels, radio, Wi-Fi, phones, tablets, mice, keyboards, microchips pass through our bodies every second?  Our five senses can not inform us.  We have the impression that nothing has changed.  Yet when we look around, we find that health problems increase rapidly, especially brain problems: Alzheimer's, exhaustion, lack of concentration, attention deficit, depression, Parkinson's, etc.  Many factors are involved and electromagnetic fields are among the main culprits.

     Many now know the story of the frog in hot water.  For those who have never heard it, I'll summarize it quickly:  frogs are cold-blooded animals that adapt to their environment.  When you put a frog in a container of water, it tends to take the temperature of the water.  When you heat the water very slowly, the frog adapts and becomes warmer and warmer.   When the water gets very hot, it eventually dies although it could have jumped out of the container at any time.   The grog did not see the fatal danger coming.

    This is what is happening to us.  We live in a soup of various waves.  It is difficult to feel the difference from one day to the next and it is difficult to escape it.  Frog eaters have changed roles.  The '' frogs '' are cooking.

   In an ideal world, one could imagine that the government, as a good father of the nation, would monitor all that, make tests and measurements and finally legislate to protect its citizens.  Is it not also its interest that everyone is at its best to make the best contribution to society at the lowest cost?  In theory, in theory, yes, I tell you.  But is it really so? Would a few scientists have some financial interests in communications?  Would their funding depends on the results of their research?  Would members of the government be under pressure? Evidently not!   Plots do not exist!  They said it on TV.

    I heard interviews and lectures from a fascinating character, a hero:  Barrie Trower, a former member of the British secret service armed with several PhDs, many years of experience and expert in microwave weapons.  Very British, very calm, he explains to anyone who wants to listen to him the dangers of microwaves and 5G in particular.  He goes around the world trying to awaken consciences and improve things.  I can only advise you to go on YouTube to listen to what he has to say. The content of this page is a summary of his speech except the last part about depopulation.  I salute his courage. He probably has several full-time guardian angels who protect him permanently.  Among his latest reports in English:

 Barrie Trower 5G Will Devastate Humanity But Those Behind It Are Above The Law!

     Microwaves and weapons 

    Be it radios, radars, telephones, televisions, etc. all these devices use microwaves to communicate.  One of the big differences between them that makes it possible to classify them is their wavelength and therefore their frequencies which influence the living.  Of course, the military became interested in the thing and discovered that specific waves can affect specific parts of the body with predictable diseases.   A famous case is that of the US embassy in Moscow where intermittent spy microwaves were used.  Several US officials have had cancer.  According to Mr Trower, since that time about 500,000 people have been unknowingly subjected to microwaves.  500,000 people became involuntary guinea pigs and very real patients.

   The secret services are now using them to quietly eliminate some people by giving the impression that they have had a "heart malaise" or a rare stroke or cancer.  Most recent South American presidents, for example, got a cancer.

      The main problem of 5G is that the frequencies used are in the same area as the weapons for military use.  Find the mistake...

    WIFI and phones  

     The WiFi devices that allow us to have the internet easily in every corner of our homes as well as in buses, shopping centers, coffee shop, etc. use microwaves.  Tests on laboratory animals have shown a long-term cumulative effect of bodily injury especially at very low doses.  It is therefore very difficult to set safe radiation limits, especially now that these waves have become ubiquitous.  Standards vary a lot in different countries.  Companies are pushing for standards to be as high as possible so that they have no limits and can not be sued.  Do they have more criminal intentions of depopulation as some claim?  I do not know but their actions are criminal without a doubt.

    On a personal level, in our homes, one thing we can do is limit the use of WiFi to a minimum.  It must be remembered that even if we use a WiFi terminal with wired connection, the WiFi part continues to emit.  It is necessary to enter the program of the device with our computer to interrupt it.  At night, it is strongly recommended to unplug it.  Personally I use two router, one without wifi, more and more rare on the market, and a second one with wifi that I use on demand.

  The other possible action is to minimize the exposure to devices emitting waves: phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices, USB mice, connected devices, microwaves, etc.  It is dangerous to hold these devices close to the body.  It's even more important for little girls because the ovocytes that will become the future eggs are all present at the birth of a baby girl while the sperm is produced throughout life of a boy.  When ovocytes are affected by microwaves, either they die or they are viable but 'disabled'.  Dr. Trower quotes studies on laboratory animals that predict that if children continue to be exposed to the same radiation as now, not to mention 5G, the next generation of moms will have many miscarriages and babies with disabilities.  In two generations, only one in eight babies will be born healthy.  Some call it genocide.

increasing number of electro-sensitive people, that is, reacting dramatically to electromagnetic waves, is the tip of the iceberg of the diseases generated by electromagnetic smog.   They are the canary in the mine.  The list of diseases influenced by this smog is growing.  In several countries, courts have began to recognize the responsibility of mobile phones in the generation of cancer, especially in the brain.  It's a drop in the ocean but it's a beginning.

    Smart meters 

    I have a small instrument for measuring magnetic fields, electric fields and microwaves.  So I measured the emissions of my phones and my WiFi.  It did not look too dramatic.  I then checked my '' smart '' meter :    Every minute, it sends an extremely powerful signal.  While my WiFi was barely moving the needle of my device, the electric meter blocked the needle to its maximum.  Fortunately, thanks to my good karma and my double-side stucco wall with wire mesh, the waves do not seem to be able to penetrate inside the house.  But what about children whose bed is just behind such smart meters?

   I listened to the testimony of two retired firefighters in California who investigated fires that claimed the lives of 50 000 people.  One thing is very obvious: Directed microwave weapons were used to target homes and cars.  This explains why dozens of fires have ignited simultaneously over long distances.  This also explains the destruction of cars while the flammable things inside did not burn and how houses burned but not the trees around them.   But also why the safety rails in areas far from the fires had been deformed by '' something '' mysterious coming from the sky.  These rails have been replaced in priority.  Maybe we wanted to make some embarrassing proof disappear ...

   Ex-firefighters also described a start of fire from a smart meter. They therefore wondered whether certain fires had not been ignited by the electricity grid itself through these meters.  Maybe these meters have become so smart that they can take the initiative to burn down homes?  Just like building 7 of the World Trade Center had decided to collapse without reasons.  Perhaps.

   The testimony of the two former firefighters

   We now have videos of directed energy weapons (DEW) .  Two weeks ago, in New-York for some time the sky became green-blue and power stations blew up shutting down the Guardia airport.   In Louisiana too, very similar events occurred
where we can see the blue beams from the sky generating explosions on the ground and a kind of  saucer flying around.   It is probably a false flag operation by the deep state trying to scare people with alien attacks and trying to intimidate the government.   The deep state, the new world order mastered the anti-gravity many years ago.   This rogue part of the US government has now very advanced flying vehicles.   We hear since many years that one day there would be some false flag events.   I think we are getting there.

 To be continued...


    5G is the name given to a new wireless communication technology.  It will allow us to connect all our new 'smart' houses to the internet.  We will then know if we have enough carrots in the refrigerator or if the washing machine stopped.  We will be able also to spy on other members of our house and change the TV program for our depressed cat.

   In the near future, we will be able to connect our brain directly to the internet to become very "smart" ourselves.  We will not have to make the effort to control our thoughts and emotions.  A super artificial intelligence will do it for us. I t will be  Golden Age.  We will not even need a name anymore because we will have an IP address, an address for the internet.  The most trendy will be VIPs.

    Joking aside, renowned scientists from 40 countries have signed a petition calling for a global moratorium on this new technology.  Indeed, as manufacturers themselves admit, it has never been tested on humans.  In any case, that's what they say because tests done by independent laboratories on animals are very disturbing.  The level of danger of 5G is much higher than that of 4G which itself is far from innocent.

  The estimated value of communication companies is estimated at $ 13 trillion (13 000 000 000 000 $).  They are therefore able to buy scientists, judges, politicians, the media and an army of lawyers.  I forgot, some henchmen too.

   In the near future, the 5G is supposed to also communicate with the LED bulbs that will generate a new type of network called LIFI based on the ultra-fast flickering of these bulbs.  In other words, with the smart meters and the antenna for 5G, the amount of radiations created by our current WiFi that is already dangerous will be multiplied exponentially by the number of devices connected in our house and the danger of 5G.  We will pay to make ourselves irradiated and sick.


 1- Use wired connections in priority. They are faster and generate very few dangerous electromagnetic fields.
     No school should have WiFi.   They should all have wired connections. 

 2- Use routers without WiFi.

 3- Unplug WiFi as soon as you no longer need them.  Turn off the wifi portion in the router program as needed.

 4- Ban all furniture "plugged" to the internet or disable the internet connection.

 5- Do not use LED bulbs.

 6- Use cell phones as little as possible.  As much as possible put them on loudspeaker or headphones and keep the home phones on their bases.

 7- Do not use tablets, phones, computers with active Wifi very close to the body, especially for children.

 8- Minimize the use of mice, keyboards, camera, speakers, etc. with USB connection, WiFi and Bluetooth.

 9- Sleep far away from smart meters and WiFi.

 10- Ban everything called 5G.

 11- Put limits on children's use of objects connected specifically to little girls.

 12- Inform our loved ones of the danger that threatens us all.

 13- Ask employers and various officials not to install the 5G until it is safe.

 14- Ask questions to officials and inform them.


   Of the many dangers facing humanity today, microwaves and especially 5G technology are in the lead group with unimaginable long-term consequences.  The very hustle of the communication companies is in itself very concerning.  One has the impression of a pressure seller who does not want the buyer to read the contract.  Strange...

   It is impossible for the communications companies not to be aware of the dangers and unavoidable consequences of their technologies.  Just as tobacco companies knew that their products were dangerous.  In other words, some very powerful people have decided to harm
knowingly all humanity.  Such people are called psychopathic criminals.

   In addition to profit, are there any points in common between

        dozens of very dangerous vaccines for babies and children
        pesticides, herbicides, etc.
        the MSG
        nuclear power plants
        lead in gasoline
        mercury in light bulbs and fillings
        unnecessary and dangerous drugs
        the poor quality of food
        the destruction of the environment
        wars, etc. ?

   Yes, there is a very simple link: corporations and officials know the dangers and know that it will cause pain and death but they do not care.  Of course, the big corporations and those responsible take advantage of all that.  Historians, for example, have shown that Ford, Bush, GM, IBM, Wall Street ... were active in the German war effort before and at the beginning of the Second World War.  We also know that the Great Depression was carefully organized by the banks.

  There is another link: money.  It is now common knowledge that drug companies are violently suppressing effective cures for curing diseases, preferring to develop expensive, ineffective drugs with side effects.  Going back in their funding, their economic interests and their boards of directors, we realize that the same entities own the companies of pesticides, cigarettes, GMOs and drugs.  When we look carefully, we can see that all these big transnational corporations are in collusion with the banks, with the big rich families and with each other.  The competition is apparent.  There is de facto a global financial collusion, a big mafia with ties and private jet.  We are good honest and conscientious workers.  We are the nice sheep.

  Could it be that the death of millions of people before their time is not a coincidence?
  Could it be that in addition to raising money, this world mafia  is happy to remove "useless eaters"?
  Is it possible that the reduction of the population by all means is one of their objectives?

  It is possible, although difficult to admit for the common man.

  For many, this idea is too dramatic and it was for me the first time I heard a speaker explaining it.  A normal person can not think like a psychopathic criminal.  It is very difficult for us to put ourselves in the shoes of someone who organizes a war knowing that it will cause millions of deaths and injuries.  Yet these people exist.  They have several names:  the world elite, the kabal, the illuminatis, the banksters, the big capital, the 1%, the big corporations, the secret societies, the new world order, NWO, the deep state, etc. They possess virtually all the world's wealth. They control rain and good weather (especially with chemtrails ...).  In our recent history, the USSR has killed tens of millions of people in the gulags.  Similarly, during the Chinese revolution, the government systematically organized a famine that also decimated tens of millions of people.   How many people are dying because of pollution, gas, poor food, fabricated virus like Aids and Ebola?

   Why would they want to eliminate a large part of humanity?  Simply because with the internet and the exchange of information, people wake up, realize that they are being manipulated and that the system keeps them in quasi-slavery.  In Canada, for example, former defense minister Paul Hellyer said that the Bank of Canada's financial system, similar to the infamous US Federal Reserve, has siphoned over $ 1 trillion over the years from Canadian taxes to send it to London and the Vatican.

  People are starting to wonder, "Why is the government not printing money itself instead of borrowing virtual money from private banks?"

  It's only a matter of time before this 1% loses its place in the sun.  Especially when you hear the incredible stories of pedophilia, sacrifices, and satanic sects at the highest level.  They must act quickly.  They have to distract the people and change the focus. They have to get rid of people, especially those in developed countries who can still think and act on their own.  We have escaped several attempts to unleash a third world war.  For example, under Obama, I do not know if you remember it, but two generals responsible for launching nuclear missiles were suddenly fired.  What crime did they commit?  They had been ordered to send an atomic bomb to Russia for no reason.  They therefore obeyed and actually sent the missile but deliberately exploded it in an ocean.  I still remember a picture showing them when they were fired : You could tell by their huge smile that they were so happy, so proud to have saved the planet.

  You do not have to believe me but maybe you could do a little research on the internet by putting the term: depopulation

   If you think that I am a little bit alarmist, you may look at this video of 40 min.  from Dr. Graham Downing with the title : The truth about 5G


    To be continued…